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Be Green Pro, LLC is locally owned and operated in Pewaukee, WI. We specialize in earth, people and pet-friendly lawn care solutions utilizing our collective knowledge and expertise gained from over 25 years of experience in various personal, commercial, contractor and manufacturing capacities. We are licensed by the State of Wisconsin and continually research and upgrade our industry education to better serve our customers.

Led by founder and owner Patricia Beres, Be Green Pro’s mission is to provide earth, family, and pet-friendly, sustainable solutions for your Lawn Care, Tree Care, and Pest Management needs


Our mission is to create awareness & provide choices that empower people to reduce the chemical footprint in their lives & communities. We have over 30 years of experience specializing in lawn, tree, insect, and pest services.

Meet The TEAM



From an early childhood age, Patti discovered a profound connection to the delicate intricacy of the natural world. She fondly remembers time spent pressing an ear to a tree to hear its pulse, talking to flowers or attempting to be invisibly silent and still to witness the wondrous work of animals or insects in action. Witnessing the intertwined beauty and balance of nature developed her respect for the value and purpose of all life created which makes our earth thrive.

The humble beginnings of Be Green Pro LLC , formerly Be Green Lawn Care LLC, were a culmination of life long experiences in combination with recognition of a community need and a passion for people, pets, wildlife and the environment. Patti remembers walking through her neighborhood with her four children and two dogs late one February afternoon, and seeing a lawn care company making a fertilizer application when the ground was still frozen. Frustrated, she blurted out “If we had a lawn care company, we would do such a better job.” Her oldest son, Robbie, responded, “Then why don’t we?” Patti knew right away that we had the ability to be the change or become part of the problem, and Be Green Lawn Care was formed.

Patti continues to lead Be Green Pro with the same passion she has for life and the world that she discovered early in life, relishing each new client and opportunity to make a difference.


Director of Business Development

Robbie is a co-owner and the inspiration of Be Green. It was Robbie who while traveling with Patti on the way home one day noticed a lawn care company spraying chemicals in less than ideal weather conditions. When Patti stated that we would do things so much differently, Robbie replied “why don’t we” and Be Green Pro was created. Since then Robbie has worked in all capacities of the business and has partnered with Patti to do things so. much. differently. "New studies are constantly being released correlating health issues with common lawn chemicals" Robbie is relentless about helping people steer clear of the risks and relying on practices, products, and equipment that ensure consistent, systematic, and stunning looking long term results. Robbie holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and puts it to work making sure Be Green delivers on its promises. 


Lawn & Landscape Expert

Rob is the in-house expert in lawn and landscape care. Rob began his career at the age of 19 at ChemLawn as a seasonal field technician while attending college. Rob remained with ChemLawn until the acquisition of by Tru Green. From there Rob joined KEI Enterprises as their lawn care supervisor before embarking upon a 25+ year career working for fertilizer formulators. It is in this capacity that Rob was able educate green industry awareness in focusing more on nutrients and what we feed the soil and less reliance and usage of pesticides. Rob is committed to supporting and helping Patti realize the vision of Be Green, a business they both believe in and have a passion for. Rob is currently a Sales Manager for BCA Products (Central Region Cooperative), a fertilizer manufacturer located in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.



"Hi, I'm Brett, a technician at Be Green Pro and I love that we offer earth-friendly lawn care solutions. What I enjoy most about working at Be Green Pro is working outside every day."


Office Administrator

Mary is the first person you talk to at Be Green Pro. She is there to answer all of your initial questions and relay all of your needs to the quality control department. "Hi, I'm Mary and I enjoy working for a woman-owned company who is also a veteran, and I love how much they appreciate their employees. My favorite part of working here is that we offer earth-friendly products for our customers." 



"My name is Josh, and I am a technician at Be Green Pro. I take pride in helping people make the responsible choice. I like working at Be Green Pro because I get to go out and help people showcase their homes through a better-looking lawn."


Production Manager

"My name is David, and I'm the production manager at Be Green Pro. I love the environment, that's why when I found this company I knew it was a place I wanted to be a part of. My favorite part about working at Be Green Pro is working with the amazing employees and owners."

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"I can't express how much I love Be Green Pro! The owners & staff are extremely friendly, professional, knowledgable & helpful."

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Local Business | Woman-Owned | Veteran-Owned

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