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Lawn Treatments

It is supposed to rain tonight. Is spraying weeds still effective?

Think of putting your arm in the shower and taking it out. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to dry and once absorbed cannot be washed off. Rain further enhances the efficiency of the application. Moisture improves weed decline by speeding product penetration through the plant more effectively. Please understand we cannot do applications in the rain, but rain following an application that has had 5 to 10 minutes to dry will be the BEST application.To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

I have a dog. How long until he can safely be in the yard?

If you can, you want to try and minimize the exposure to your dog for a 24 hour time frame. By law we must put up the pesticide flags letting everyone know that we have applied a pesticide. We are, however, using the lowest toxicity materials that are more environmentally friendly to the wildlife.

I have children. How long until they can play on the grass?

By law, we must recommend minimizing their exposure just for today since we have just treated the lawn. The pesticide that we are using is absorbed into the lawn in about 5 to 10 min. A good analogy would be - It is like putting your arm in the shower and taking it out. The water will absorb into the skin. Once the water is inside your skin it’s not going to go anywhere. The products we use are low toxicity and are designed to be contained within the plant once dry.


I am conscious about the environment. Are pesticides used on my lawn?

We try to be as Earth Friendly as possible. It is our philosophy that every time we are on your property we attempt to use less and less pesticides. We strive to do this by using organic rich nutrients to promote root mass and root density. Staying on a consistent yearly program helps us keep your lawn strong and thick so we can use minimal weed products during maintenance.

Lawn Mowing

I was going to cut the grass tonight; will that affect the application?

If possible, it is in the best interest of your lawn to mow 24 to 48 hours prior to an application or 24 to 48 hours after the application has been completed. This allows for the herbicide to penetrate and move through the structure of the weeds going down to the root. It also allows for the nutrients from the fertilizer to fully settle and disperse into the soil. This is the best circumstance, but mowing before service is not a problem. There is just less weed leaf structure showing after lawn cutting making it a bit more challenging for the herbicide to contact the leaf of the weed.

What height should I cut my lawn?

We recommend that your mower deck is set at the highest setting or at least 3 ½ inches or above. This helps your lawn by allowing your grass to focus on growing downward rather than putting all the energy in trying to grow up. When your lawn can focus on growing root structure down, it helps the color and density of the lawn by promoting overall health and thicker turf with a richer green hue.

Lawn Aeration

What are the benefits of doing an aeration to my lawn?

Aerations reduce soil compaction and thatch allowing air, water and nutrients to better reach the root system and help turf thrive. Lawn aeration aids in water conservation and drought tolerance. Wisconsin is prone to compacted soil due to our harsh winters and dry summers. It is beneficial to consider aeration every 1 -2 years. Aeration can be done in spring or fall, with or without over-seeding. Aeration helps your lawn tremendously by: Increasing root development, improving overall plant health, reducing soil related problems, reducing compaction and thatch, increasing nutrient absorption and increasing water retention. All other lawn services are more efficient and effective with the benefits of aeration. You can do an Aeration in either early Spring (April – June) or Mid Fall (after Labor Day).

Weed Control

I have new grass seed in some bare areas and weeds have started to pop up. Can you spray them?

We ask that you mow your lawn at least three times before we spray newly seeded areas. This ensures that your lawn is sustainable to the pesticide that we will apply and that it will not damage your newly seeded areas. We can also use a specific seed enhancing nutrient to help those areas gain strength.

I have some weeds in my garden beds, could you spray them out?

We are not able to spray gardens with your regular lawn care program. If you would like, we can send you a flower bed proposal. Lawn applications are just for weeds in the lawn. We can only treat what is mowed, due to potential liability of plant damage in garden areas.

Pest Management

How do I know if I have grubs?

Grubs feed on grass roots causing serious lawn damage or dead spots due to stress and deterioration. Warning signs are patches of brown spots, tufts of grass that pull up easily and critters such as skunks or raccoons tearing up your lawn in the months of June through August. Large flocks of birds feeding in the lawn may also be a sign. We offer a preventive Grub treatment that works to encourage the premature larvae to rise to above ground surface before adulthood, which causes the grub to die off naturally from exposure to the elements. Grubs are the larvae or infant form of Japanese beetles, June beetles, or other beetles. The Wisconsin territory has been dealing with an outbreak of grubs and beetles. Many have few natural predators causing the cycle to repeat. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you receive an application to prevent grub exposure.

What should I know about All-Natural insect management?

Our All-Natural Insect service is a great way to manage nuisance exoskeleton invertebrate insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, gnats, earwigs, ants, beetles and a variety of other insect pests. Our All-Natural Insect Service active ingredient are Cedar and Peppermint oils. The Cedar and Peppermint oil base clogs and breaks down shell which quickly suffocates them on contact. The fragrance also acts as a deterring border as they know it is deadly to them. This service does not harm beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies and earthworms. This service is highly effective, chemical free, and lasts about 4 weeks. We recommend 4 – 6 treatments per year for seasonal care, depending on weather conditions.

Be Green Pro values each and every lawn in its own way taking a different approach to ensure the best results for your lawn and your enjoyment. We are here to make your life more enjoyable while knowing we have your best interest in mind. We treat your lawn as if it is the prime steak rather than just another fast food hamburger.

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