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5 Reminders for Winter Storms

snow, Snow, SNOW ❄️! Building snow ⛄️ people and going 🛷 sledding are fun, Fun, FUN! 🤩 Yet, heavy snowfalls send a storm ☔️ of people crowding hospitals 🏥 with injuries from 🚘 accidents, slips and falls, back and joint pain 😥, and even heart ❤️ attacks. Want to enjoy the storm safely? Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

1. Prepare your car and drive cautiously. Getting somewhere safely is better than not at all. Drive slower, check the quality of your tires, brush up on what to do if you should start to spin out and watch for those not driving safely around you. Make sure you keep a window scraping brush in the car and clear off all windows and lights before getting behind the wheel. Keep a few safety items on hand as a precaution just in case: a warm blanket, warm hat🎩 , gloves 🧤, extra socks 🧦 , and bottled water💧 . Bring your cell phone 📲 and keep the battery charged. Call for help for yourself or another vehicle from inside your car. Keep a container of ice melt where you can reach it to sprinkle around in the event your tires are spinning or your car is stuck. It’s also great to shake on walking surfaces that have not been cleared for your own personal safety when away from home.

2. Remove snow and ice to keep pace with the storm. More than once is better than ALL at once. Waiting for the storm to end can allow accumulation to get too heavy which is tough on your body and your mechanical equipment. When outdoors, stay warm but don’t overheat. Make sure you stay hydrated and use proper bending and lifting techniques. Be aware of pain, it’s your body’s way of saying something is wrong. Take breaks often and keep your cell phone handy - even when just walking out to retrieve the mail! Have a little fun too... a gentle snow ball fight, making a snow angel or building a snow man can help release a little tension and make work into play.

3. Help avoid slips and falls by having a high quality icemelt on hand at home and in the car before the storm. Ice melts are not all created equal, and remember there is no EPA regulation on icemelt labeling. What you see is not always what you get. Be aware of your intended use and the ingredients over fancy promises. What might be suitable for a large parking lot is probably not the right product for your home. Salt can be corrosive and damaging to landscapes. Products with additives and fillers can be a concern for pets and children too. Be Green Pro can deliver* Snow Pro to your🚪 door: a salt and chloride free solution that you can sprinkle on surfaces without worry of corrosive damage or poisonous ingredients. It’s safer for People, Pets, Plants, Properties, and the Planet. Order here:

4. Care about your neighbor. Watch out for those you know are vulnerable and check in. An uncleared driveway is a sign someone might need assistance. Ask if they could use a hand with snow and ice, items from the store or just a friendly voice.

5. Consider a service. Whether you're employed in home or out, as a domestic or on a career path, you know how important being great at your work is. Landscape Snow Removal is available from professional land care givers who care about you and your property. They can take the job off your hands so you can enjoy doing whatever you do best. Call Be Green Pro now at 262-361–4034 to secure one of our final spots. If you’re not in our service area I suggest visiting a community Facebook group and asking for recommendations of a trusted local referral, or check in with neighbors on an app such as NextDoor. *Be Green Pro snow and ice removal service is available for Lake Country residents and businesses only. *Be Green Pro delivers Snow Pro ice melt for home or office with free delivery 🚚 to your door in metro Milwaukee and Waukesha county for orders of $50 or more.

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