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Be environmentally friendly & safer when you de-ice your driveway

Updated: Mar 26

With snow comes ice, and with ice comes slipping-which means it's time to think about keeping your walkways and driveway safe. When it comes to removing snow and ice from your driveway many people turn to salt. But salt can damage soil and plants, contaminate groundwater, and corrode driveways, car bodies and even household floors.

Children and Pets

Other ice melting products are available but can be harmful to the environment, children and pets. Many of the pellets you put down on the driveway to melt the ice contain chemicals that are considered to be nontoxic if used correctly, but are still just as harmful as salt. Children and pets are especially at risk because these products heat up- some to 175 degrees or more to break the ice away from the driveway. Pets can get the pellets stuck in their paws and end up getting burned, or may become ill if it is ingested. The same holds true for children- anything you track onto your carpet can end up in children's eyes or mouths.

Driveways and Walkways

One of the most common causes of salt damage to concrete is thermal expansion. Thermal expansion occurs when water makes its way into pores in concrete and then freezes. When the water freezes, its volume increases, creating pressure on the concrete which can result in cracks and scaling. Normal salt & Ice melt only expedite the freezing and thawing process!

Be Green SNOW Pro was developed in house to be completely pet, and lawn safe while reducing the freezing and thaw cycle by slowing it down. We have focused our product on truly keeping your pets, children, and property safe. One way we do that is by eliminating any chloride from our ice melt.

The Competitors Have the Following Ingredients:

Potassium chloride is considered safer for pets but bad for plants and grass, and it only works in temperatures 25 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

Magnesium chloride is considered environmentally friendly and better than most for use around pets. It lowers water's freezing point to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. The downside is that it could damage your concrete, asphalt, and plants.

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is one of the most popular options because it works quickly in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The problem is it can damage plants and grass.

What makes Be Green SNOW Pro better?

-Salt & Chloride Free –(Non-Corrosive)

- Made from ingredients found in nature -Unique personal formula -Plant Nutrient blend

-Longer lasting Melting power -Healthy for plants -Pet Safe -Delivery to your door -Saves you time, money & heavy lifting -Packaged using recycled materials -Container exchange program keeps landfills cleaner and saves you money on your next order

Be environmentally friendly & safer when you de-ice your driveway! Protect your children, pets & plants, AND save costly driveway, sidewalk, deck and porch repairs or replacement by giving our slow release ice melt a try!

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