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Happy Birthday Kermit the Frog!

Happy Birthday to Kermit the Frog from all of us at Be Green Pro! May 9th is Kermit’s presumed birthday. Though he is an icon in the entertainment world, he does say that “it ain’t easy being green” but there are actually many positive and impactful things that are associated with being green. In fact,

  • Green is the staple color for nature, life, youth, safety, and hope.

  • Green is the second most preferred color, behind blue (which is a cool color like green)

  • When it comes to apples, green is the healthier color. Green apples have more vitamin C than red apples.

  • Green is the 4th Color in the rainbow.

  • The original color of Santa’s suit was green.

  • There are over one hundred shades of green in the world!

We want you & Kermit to know that there are also some easy ways to incorporate being green into your everyday lifestyle. Here are some simple ideas from Green America:

Reuse and Recycle

Reusing products instead of buying them new—whether you find innovative ways to use things you already own, or swap, buy, or barter for someone else’s items—helps save energy, curb global warming emissions, and preserve the Earth’s precious resources. Choosing reusable products instead of single-use throwaways (bottled water, anyone?) curbs waste and reduces the burden on landfills, as well. And, whenever possible, recycle unwanted items that can’t be reused to preserve resources.

Choose “Good Food”

Green America uses the term “good food” to refer to food that’s organic (grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that pollute the planet), planted and harvested fairly in ways that don’t exploit farmworkers, and isn’t cruel and inhumane to animals.

Green Your Transportation

Transportation is one of the world’s largest sources of global-warming pollution. Walk, bike, or take public transit instead of driving. You’ll cut down on air pollution and help reduce emissions that are contributing to the climate crisis.

At Be Green Pro, we are proud to be green & to offer healthier and safer lawn & yard care solutions. Choosing Be Green Pro as your partner in lawn & yard care is another easy way to live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

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