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7 Ways to Waste Less

Updated: Apr 1

The U.S. is the number-one trash-producing country in the world, at 1,643 pounds per person per year. In 2008, only a third was recycled, reports the EPA, though experts say more can be. Here is a list of ways to reduce waste.

  1. Buy refillable containers: Spray bottles, for example, can be refilled from larger jugs or concentrate. Over time, you'll buy — and dispose of — fewer containers.

  2. Choose concentrated or "ultra" cleaning products, which use 50 to 60 percent less packaging than traditional formulas while cleaning just as thoroughly.

  3. Don't use more product than the directions indicate Pouring in extra laundry detergent or fabric softener won't get your clothes any cleaner or cuddlier. Instead, follow the markings as directed on the label.

  4. Stop brown-bagging it (literally) and wasting paper when you pack lunch. The best-tested L.L.Bean Flip-Top Lunch Box (plus some ice packs), above, keeps contents nice and cool.

  5. Grab a microfiber cloth, which can take the place of 60 rolls of paper towels before it needs replacing.

  6. Stash leftovers in reusable containers Our GHRI-tested top picks: plastic Rubbermaid Lock-Its (for portability) and glass Snapware Glasslock (for microwave reheating).

  7. Green your next move with Rentacrate's reusable plastic crates (, which means no more dozens of cardboard boxes to tape up and try to get rid of later.

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