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It's Early Spring- Start Some Preparations & Planting

You may have gotten out into the garden recently and found that your garden plants have begun their spring growth. But in addition, you may find that your weeds have been just as busy over the past few months.

April is the time to really start prepping. As soon as the ground thaws, you can consider planting shrubs, like Spirea. Shrubs are an important feature in a landscape. Evergreen shrubs become anchors of permanence and deciduous shrubs (like Spirea) add interest with their changing foliage and blossoms throughout the seasons. They add scale and structure to the garden in conjunction with trees and other perennials.

Other things to keep in mind for April: 

  • When annual beds can be worked, turn over green manure crops such as annual rye in beds for annuals and vegetables. If none was planted, top-dress with compost or rotted manure.

  • Remove mulch from spring-flowering bulb beds.

  • Container grown or balled and bur lapped trees and shrubs can be planted at any time during the growing season.

  • Divide perennials and pot for the PCMG plant sale by the end of the month. This will provide roots time to get established.

  • Prune and fertilize all bush fruits and grapes. Fertilize fruit trees as soon as possible after ground thaws but before blossoming.

  • Plant rhubarb and asparagus as soon as ground can be worked.

  • Remove rose cones when the soil thaws. Gradually remove soil mound from around rose plants.

  • Ask a pro-If you're having a hard time getting your garden started or keeping it afloat, don't be afraid to ask for help.

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