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PO Box 180092

Delafield, WI 53018

Serving Southeast Wisconsin

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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Be Green Pro, LLC.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are contracted for seasonal service.  Our service is continuous from year to year unless you contact us to cancel.  Payment is due within 10 days upon completion of individual service or by optional discounted seasonal pre-payment which may include a discount promotion.  Services not paid within 30 days will automatically be subjected to finance charges unless special arrangements or installments have been made. Services not paid within 60 days without reasonable contact on your behalf may be referred by Be Green Pro, LLC for collection effort by an outside service.

Service Technicians from Be Green Pro, LLC make every effort to provide professional, knowledgeable and courteous service within the limits of the natural world. Environmental conditions including weather temperature and moisture may delay or affect timing of service. Be Green Pro, LLC is a yard care partner.  We will visit and provide service according to our clients specific proposed contract. In most cases we are on each client’s property approximately four visits per year. We count on our clients between our visits to communicate questions, comments, problems or visibly unusual occurrences so they can be addressed in a timely manner. It is our policy to continually visit for service unless formal  cancellation is received from our client by Be Green Pro, LLC.  Be Green Pro, LLC provides 24 hour pre-notification of service to all clients via email, text message or phone call. Be Green Pro, LLC will use email as the standard method of communication unless the client opts in to text message service or requests a phone call. All clients may choose one or more method to receive our service message. Be Green Pro, LLC will send the text message opt in via email upon request. Each client is responsible to check their chosen method of communication to receive our Service message.  If the service date shown on the notification message is not convenient for our client, Be Green Pro, LLC is happy to reschedule if notified prior to arrival at the Service location.  If service is denied after arrival at the Service location a $25.00 stop charge will be assessed. All service or contract cancellations must be received prior to arrival at service location to avoid the stop charge or charge of performed service. Any service accidentally performed after cancellation is received will be a no charge to the client. If client fails to notify Be Green Pro, LLC prior to performance of a scheduled and notified Service, all fees for the service are due and payable by the client . Be Green Pro, LLC  is not responsible for moving obstacles in or around the service area unless specified in the client contract. Be Green Pro, LLC will enter and close fenced or gated areas with in the service perimeter upon request and with permission from the client. Each client is responsible for checking the locked position and security of fenced or gated areas following each service visit from Be Green Pro, LLC. Be green pro, LLC is required by law to post after each service application if any amount of chemical usage has occurred. Services with no chemical usage will not be posted. State law requires a recommendation that any treated areas should be avoided for usage until the next day per guidelines on the posting signage.

By hiring Be Green Pro, LLC for service you are accepting these conditions.

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