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Organic Based Lawn Care Is Safer, Effective, And Easier Than You Think…

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Be Green Pro Services

Whatever service you're looking for, when you work with Be Green Pro you can be confident you're getting the best service for your yard and for the environment.

Lawn Care

We do it all from lawn aerations to overseeding and treating weeds. You’ll have a healthier lawn and soil that stand up to changing Wisconsin weather

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Insect & Pest

Our naturally-based and low-toxicity insect and pest services utilize eco-friendly solutions to treat your yard or your home perimeter for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, beetles, and other nuisance insects.

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Tree & Shrub Care

Your trees and shrubs are beautiful and can have a long life with proper care. Add to your tree’s health with a root feeding. Protect your leafy trees from rust, mildew, mold, or insects, or let us help protect your non-native needle trees from cast, blight, or rust.

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Ice & Snow Removal

Our signature snow melt is perfect for your home. It is non-toxic and safer for people and pets. It doesn’t harm your asphalt, concrete, brick, stone, or pavers!

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What Your Neighbors Think


Be Green has been such an amazing company to work with. The customer service has been outstanding and every technician that has come to our home for both lawn care, grass seeding, and mosquito control has been so kind, thorough, and knowledgeable. I am very happy with their service and our lawn looks lush and green because of their work. I couldn't recommend them enough!

Meghan Thwaits


I have been using them for years. I have two small dogs, and I feel safe letting them out after a weed treatment because of how they treat my lawn. I also get compliments on how good my lawn looks. Now my neighbors use them as well!

Jonathan Synovic


We use Be Green to spray for mosquitos at our house and they are great. I also use Be Green for my business in Delafield. They brought my grass back to life and did a better job than I had even expected. I would definitely recommend.

Ben Nader


It has been a breath of fresh air working with Be Green Pro to meet my lawn care goals. Avoiding harmful chemicals has become priority to me so I was prepared to have results that maybe were not as effective as other companies but that has not been the case. My lawn looks better than it ever has. My neighbors consistently make comments about how green it is.  This company also clearly cares about their customers as apparent from multiple interactions I've had with employees. Be Green Pro may be a bit more out of pocket but it is definitely worth it.

Ashley Vitale

Common FAQ's

What eco-friendly products do you use for your lawn care and pest control services?

We use a range of products that are scientifically proven to be effective yet safe for the environment. All our products are biodegradable and non-toxic to humans and pets. However, the specific product used can vary depending on the particular lawn care or pest control service required. Please feel free to contact us for more specific information.

Are your services safe for pets and children?

Yes, absolutely. The safety of your family and pets is our top priority. We use only eco-friendly products that pose no harm to humans or pets. After a service, we'll provide clear instructions, if any, on when it's safe to use your outdoor spaces again.

How often should I get my lawn aerated and overseeded?

Lawn aeration and overseeding are typically recommended once a year, usually in the fall. However, the frequency can depend on your lawn's specific condition and needs. Our team can assess your lawn and provide personalized advice for optimal results.

What pests can you help control with your services?

Our pest control services cover a wide range of common and not-so-common pests, including ants, roaches, spiders, ticks, mosquitoes, rodents, and many more. We tailor our approach to the specific pest issue you're facing, providing the most effective solution possible.

How quickly can I see improvements in my lawn after your services?

The timeframe can vary depending on the initial condition of your lawn and the specific services provided. However, customers typically start seeing improvements in their lawn's health and appearance within a few weeks after the treatment. Our team will provide you with an estimated timeline during the service.

Effective Eco-Friendly Lawn Service

Environmentally Safe

Alongside caring for your lawn, we strive to care for our planet.

Easy Payments

We accept all major credit cards and offer budget friendly finance options.

Pet & Family Safe

We use products that are safe for your pets and family.

Save Our Lakes

We focus on using products that are safe for you and don't cause concern for runoff into our local lakes.

Where We Live, Where We Serve

Not only do we enhance the look and value of your property, but we also provide a safer and healthier environment for you and your loved ones, allowing you to enjoy your yard without concern.

If you have any questions about where we service, feel free to give us a call!

Counties We Serve

Dodge County

Jefferson County

Milwaukee County

Ozaukee County

Racine County

Sheboygan County

Walworth County

Washington County

Waukesha County

And More!

Our Promise To You.

We’re always transparent with our customers, and even brutally honest. We use the most environmentally friendly products and techniques. However, sometimes a certain pest, fungus, or disease requires “heavier artillery” that can be classified as a toxin. Should that happen, we use dosages, timing, and application techniques that will get the job done with minimal negative impact on people, pets, properties, and the planet. We’re totally committed to always “Be Green”.

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Certified and licensed

All of our technicians are state-licensed and certified through the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection in all categories 3.0, 5.0, and 7.1. We are fully insured.

Let Us Serve You

At Be Green Pro, we pride ourselves on being the premier lawn care and pest control company in the area, providing exceptional service driven by our commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who are passionate about creating and maintaining vibrant, healthy outdoor spaces. With our comprehensive understanding of local ecology and pest behavior, we’re adept at tackling even the most challenging lawn or pest-related issues, ensuring you have the healthiest and most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood. A cornerstone of our service is our commitment to eco-friendly practices. We understand the importance of preserving our environment and the health of our clients. For this reason, we exclusively use environmentally responsible products that are as effective as they are safe. These products not only protect your lawn and home from pests but also safeguard your family, pets, and the local ecosystem from harmful chemicals. With Be Green Pro, you can enjoy a lush, pest-free yard with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your outdoor haven is being cared for in the most sustainable way possible.

Why Be Green Pro?

We’re crazy about green – green lawns, green trees and green shrubs – and being responsible for our environment. And we’ve been this green for over 30 years! Our organic, all-natural, and low toxicity solutions have helped thousands of families have a thick, healthy green landscape, weed free, bug free – and worry free.What you don’t know CAN hurt you! Contact with toxic chemicals can be harmful to your pets and your family. So why risk it? Be Green Pro has healthy alternatives. You can be green, too! Get a FREE QUOTE right now!

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