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Keep Your Lawn Safer For People, Pets, And The Planet By Attacking Weeds And Bugs With Nothing But Green.

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Soil Amendment is simpler, And Easier, Than You Think...

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Soil Amendment Service

Enhance Your Businesss Appearance, with our  Expert Soil Amendment Service. Our thorough process makes your lawn green all year long. By utilizing premium seeds and reliable techniques we eradicate spots. Strengthen your outdoor environment. Notice the change as we take care of everything from grass cutting to enhancing the aesthetics. Bid farewell, to surroundings. Welcome a welcoming outdoor area that mirrors the core of your business. Attain the lawn of your dreams with our Soil Enhancement Service. Book your appointment now. See the makeover!

Benefits Of Expert Soil Amendment Service

Picture-Perfect Lawns

Unleash your yard’s potential with our expert care! Achieve a stunning, envy-inducing lawn that turns heads!

Save Time!

Save time with our expert soil amendment service! We'll make your soil healthier for better plant growth. Focus on what's important while we handle soil care, plus mowing, weed control, watering, and pest management.

Green Products

We use a range of products that are scientifically proven to be effective yet safe for the environment. All our products are biodegradable and non-toxic to humans and pets.

What Your Neighbors Think


Be Green has been such an amazing company to work with. The customer service has been outstanding and every technician that has come to our home for both lawn care, grass seeding, and mosquito control has been so kind, thorough, and knowledgeable. I am very happy with their service and our lawn looks lush and green because of their work. I couldn't recommend them enough!

Meghan Thwaits


I have been using them for years. I have two small dogs, and I feel safe letting them out after a weed treatment because of how they treat my lawn. I also get compliments on how good my lawn looks. Now my neighbors use them as well!

Jonathan Synovic


We use Be Green to spray for mosquitos at our house and they are great. I also use Be Green for my business in Delafield. They brought my grass back to life and did a better job than I had even expected. I would definitely recommend.

Ben Nader


It has been a breath of fresh air working with Be Green Pro to meet my lawn care goals. Avoiding harmful chemicals has become priority to me so I was prepared to have results that maybe were not as effective as other companies but that has not been the case. My lawn looks better than it ever has. My neighbors consistently make comments about how green it is.  This company also clearly cares about their customers as apparent from multiple interactions I've had with employees. Be Green Pro may be a bit more out of pocket but it is definitely worth it.

Ashley Vitale

Our Promise To You.

We’re always transparent with our customers, and even brutally honest. We use the most environmentally friendly products and techniques. However, sometimes a certain pest, fungus, or disease requires “heavier artillery” that can be classified as a toxin. Should that happen, we use dosages, timing, and application techniques that will get the job done with minimal negative impact on people, pets, properties, and the planet. We’re totally committed to always “Be Green”.


Revitalize Your Soil with Our Specialized Amendments

Whether addressing specific problem areas or enhancing your entire lawn, our Black Gypsum and C20 Microbial amendments offer the flexibility to target your lawn's unique needs.

Flexible Application for Tailored Results

Eco-Friendly and Safe

In line with Be Green Pro's commitment to sustainable practices, our soil amendments are chemical free, environmentally friendly, safe for pets, people, and pollinators.Whether you're dealing with specific challenges or seeking overall improvement, request a quote today to explore how a targeted or widespread application of these innovative solutions can transform your outdoor space. We'll help you pick the right choice.

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