DIY: This All-Natural 3 Ingredient Spray Will Protect Your Plants

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This oil, soap, and water solution is easy to make and worth the effort if you want to save money and be kind to the environment, while protecting your plants.

It works great for eliminating small soft bodied insects such as aphids and can be used for plants indoors or out including veggies!

There is no nasty residue, it's non-toxic to animals and birds, and doesn't harm beneficial insects if used correctly. It's basically a plant cleaning solution that suffocates specific small bugs that breath through their skin. BONUS: It's good for keeping away some molds, mildews and plant fungi.

3 Precautions to Protect your Plants

1. On delicate plants, test a small portion first.

2. Don’t over-spray in one use, but treat weekly.

3. Only use in under 90° F to avoid burning your plants.

3 Household Ingredients

1. One cup oil (any variety)

2. One tablespoon dishwashing or “pure” soap (without degreaser/bleach)

3. One cup water (warm)

3 Simple Steps

1. Combine the oil and soap to create a “soap” mixture.

2. Mix two tablespoons of this “soap” mixture with a cup of warm water in a spray bottle.

3. Spray directly on aphids/affected parts of the plant (including the undersides of the leaves).

BONUS! Add a teaspoon of ground red pepper or garlic to repel chewing insects.
DOUBLE BONUS! Add a teaspoon of cider vinegar to remove powdery mildew.

Mikaela Trexell is an aspiring entomologist who plans to study at UW-Madison this fall. When not sifting through the Dollar Store for hidden treasures or enjoying the Waukesha Farmer's Market, she works as an intern at Be Green Pro.