Protecting Your Garden: Comprehensive Guide To Using Be Green Pro’s Deer Repellent Services

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At Be Green Pro, we recognize the challenges posed by deer to your pristine gardens and landscapes. That’s why we've developed a specialized deer repellent service designed to safeguard your green spaces effectively. This guide will explain what you can expect from our services and provide additional tips to enhance your garden’s protection against deer.

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What Is Deer Repellent?

Deer repellent is a broad term for substances designed to discourage deer from feeding on or damaging plants. These repellents work by manipulating a deer's senses of taste, smell, or even their response to fear. Some repellents make plants taste unpleasant, which makes them less desirable to deer, while others emit odors that deer find offensive. There are even repellents that use startling noises or predator scents to frighten deer away. The goal is to create an environment where deer associate your plants with negative experiences, prompting them to seek food elsewhere and stop destroying your garden! 

Types Of Deer Repellent

Organic deer repellents, often derived from natural ingredients like eggs, garlic, or putrescent animal matter, offer a safer alternative for the environment and surrounding wildlife. They typically pose minimal risk to pets and beneficial insects, making them a popular choice for eco-conscious gardeners. However, organic repellents can be less effective and require more frequent reapplication, especially after rain or heavy dew. 

Chemical repellents, on the other hand, often contain stronger active ingredients that can deter deer more effectively and for longer periods. They might be a better option for areas with high deer pressure or during crucial plant growth stages. Unfortunately, some chemical repellents may pose harm to the deer or the environment if not used correctly. Some individuals might find their odor unpleasant or experience skin irritation upon contact. The following types of deer repellent may be either organic or chemical, or products may contain both natural and synthetic ingredients:

  • Taste Repellents: These repellents rely on taste aversion to deter deer. They contain ingredients that create a bitter, unpleasant taste in the deer's mouth. Common taste-repellent ingredients include denatonium benzoate (an extremely bitter substance), putrescent egg solids, and capsaicin – the fiery compound responsible for the heat of chili peppers.
  • Odor Repellents: The power of scent is harnessed in odor repellents. These formulations release smells that deer find offensive and repulsive. You'll often find ingredients like dried blood, fish oil, garlic, and peppermint oil in these repellents. The goal is to create an olfactory barrier that deer won't dare cross.
  • Fear Repellents: Taking a psychological approach, fear repellents aim to scare deer away. Predator urine, such as coyote urine, is a common component. Loud noises and motion-activated sprinklers can also be used to startle and dissuade deer from approaching.
  • Combination Repellents: Recognizing that a multi-faceted approach can be most effective, many commercial deer repellents combine taste, odor, and sometimes even fear elements. These combination repellents offer a comprehensive defense strategy against deer intrusions.

Effects After Our Treatment

Our deer repellent service consists of a high-powered spraying system that is intended to cover large areas of your landscape. The repellent we use is designed to effectively deter the deer through both taste and odor while minimizing both damage to your garden and potential harm to the deer themselves. Below is a more detailed breakdown of what you can expect after we apply deer repellent on your property:  

  • Scent and Coverage: Immediately after application, there may be a unique scent noticeable—this indicates that the repellent is active and working. This odor typically diminishes after 24-48 hours but continues to deter deer effectively.
  • Visible Signs: A slight residue may be visible on the foliage. This harmless residue is crucial for the repellent’s effectiveness and will naturally disappear over time.
  • Duration of Effectiveness: Depending on the season and timing, deer repellent lasts from 7 - 10 days to several weeks under normal weather conditions. However, frequent rain or snow may require more regular applications to maintain effectiveness.
  • Regular Maintenance: We recommend regular reapplication of the repellent, which can be scheduled according to seasonal deer activity and your specific climate conditions, to ensure continuous protection.

What To Expect In Your Landscape

You should see a significant reduction in deer damage. Our service is designed to greatly decrease the likelihood of severe impacts from deer. The repellents we use are carefully chosen to be safe for most types of garden and landscape plants without harming their health. After all visible signs of the repellent have evaporated or washed away, there should be little-to-no evidence of any type of treatment, and you can simply enjoy a lush, deer-free garden once again.

Of course, there are other ways to ensure the continued protection against deer other than applying repellent. Besides using repellents, consider integrating physical barriers such as deer fencing or decorative garden nets. These can provide an additional layer of protection and can be especially effective in highly vulnerable areas. Planting deer-resistant varieties can also naturally reduce your garden's appeal to deer. Plants like lavender, marigolds, and certain herbs are less attractive to deer and can serve as a natural deterrent. Implementing these methods of prevention after our treatments is a great way to ensure that the deer do not come back.

Monitoring & Customer Responsibilities

By understanding what to expect from Be Green Pro’s deer repellent services and implementing these additional protective strategies, you can enjoy a vibrant, deer-free garden. We are committed to partnering with you to protect and enhance the beauty and health of your property. Let’s work together to keep your garden thriving and resilient against the challenges posed by deer. Be sure to follow the steps listed below after our deer repellent services are rendered. 

  • Observation: Monitor your landscape for any signs of deer activity. If damage persists, it might be necessary to adjust the repellent formula or application frequency to better suit your environment.
  • Feedback Loop: Your feedback is crucial for us to refine our approach and ensure optimal outcomes. Please share your experiences and suggestions with us.
  • Watering and Care: Continue your normal plant care routine; our repellent is meant to complement, not replace, your regular gardening practices.
  • Report Changes: Keep us informed about any changes in your landscape to help us customize your treatment plan and ensure comprehensive coverage. Give us a call at (262) 361-4034 if you have any questions or concerns.